MyPlate: “healthy” through a different kind of “plate”

by: Hope Peterson

I, like many others, have always considered myself healthy. However, after spending about 10 minutes searching, I learned that all my habits might not be so healthy.

Are yours?

MyPlate transforms a simple, children-geared food group pyramid into applicable tips for those of us who have graduated from the placemat stage. And through this new outlook on a traditional pyramid, I see the word “health” through a whole different kind of plate.

For reinforcing the basics:

While I am sure that most of us are capable of labeling the food pyramid, healthy living is a little more complicated.

The MyPlate website details each of the six food groups. But, instead of simply listing the group and it’s hierarchy of importance on the plate, the website lists many options, alternatives and tips relating to each group.

For example, under the “grains” section, the website lists innovative ways to include whole grains in your every day choices such as whole grain croutons, cereal and even popcorn.

The site goes on to explain how to find these healthy grains by listing words to look for on labels words that mean steer clear.

For when we aren’t that simple:

Simply listing the five food categories in order was sufficient when were 10 years old and ate foods that fit nicely in specific categories.  But, now the things we eat are a little more complicated than Mac & Cheese, apple slices and milk.

Fitting with our maturing taste buds, Myplate offers calorie counts and category distributions for mixed dishes.

So, the next time I eat Kobe, I will be aware my chicken fried rice contains 1 ½ oz of gains, ¼ cup of vegetables, and 1 oz of protein, including three of the daily groups.

For when we’re feeling adventurous: suggest motivation by changing up your routine with a twist to your favorite food; try a healthier variation so you can indulge guilt-free!

I have already made my grocery list to attempt and replace my pizza vice with MyPlate’s suggested Hawaiian homemade pizza.

For when we’re on the run: recognizes rushed schedules means eating on the run every once in a while and offers healthy tips for when we’re in a hurry.

I need to adopt this helpful tip; when your food is delivered, set aside or pack half of it to go immediately.


In addition, MyPlate covers all the healthy lifestyles bases with apps such as the SuperTracker (a personal nutritionist), tips for working out, visual reminders, expectations for each age and even a BMI calculator.

This site goes beyond the pyramid and the place mat to bring applicable tips for real, busy and healthy lives.


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